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Alright. One more post before I head to bed. I won’t be able to be on again until Noon-ish EST.


Calla shook her head “None of us know how we got here any more than you do.” She folded her arms and glared at Phoenix And I don’t normally like splitting up either, but if it means we can get rid of him,” She pointed at Phoenix, “I would do it.”

She sighed, turning her dagger around in her hands “Sandman is the person who trapped us in this dream, although honestly, it hasn’t been really bad yet. If we don’t find where he’s hiding, he won’t let us leave, and he’ll kill us or make us relive our worst nightmares. And even if we do find him, I can’t promise that we’ll live anyway.” She glanced at Phoenix. “Sounds promising, I know. Any more questions?”

She looked at the city and then to the garden, “I vote city. It would be easier to hide in there.”

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