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Group 1

Sandman sighed, looking around at the people. They weren’t paying any attention and were going to miss the whole point. Well, he could just drop them in, without warning, but they wouldn’t be hunting him. Then again, this could be interesting.

“If anyone’s interested, I’m about to change things up.”


Marnin dropped down as best he could beside Finley. “Close your eyes,” he suggested. “The EMP has some rather negative effects. Try to hold still, we won’t let you be taken.”

“It’s alright,” Gwyneth soothed. “Do you want me to sing you a song? Daddy always sings to me when I feel bad.”


Group 2

“Thank you,” David panted, looking uncomfortable on the edge. “You guys just literally saved my…life. Uh…do you know how I got here? And why we can see clouds down there? Also splitting up sounds like a bad idea…people always get killed when that happens. Who’s Sandman?”

“Scarlet, What are you eating?” ~ “Ghost peppers...” ~ Robin sighed.

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