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Veraza Winterknight

*pokes Elaine and whispers* Write for Jefe sometime today please…


Weeeeellllllll. So Sandman showed up and sent group 2 onto this bridge that spans two landmasses. One is a perfect garden type thing and the other a giant blue city I think. And that’s the group Derek is in. Also the bridge has no rails so David fell off and Hildan caught him but can’t pull him up rn. And that’s pretty much what happened over there.

Group 1, however. Well… you’re not gonna like this. Elaine brought back Jefe. He showed up and tried to kidnap Finley. The Shadowstrikes went after him because they’re mad no one is listening to them. But then Sandman showed up over there and brought Finley back. However Jefe and the Shadowstrikes are still separate from that group. Everyone else is listening to Sandman. That’s the group Arc is in. And that’s pretty much it I think.

Make sense?

Any questions?

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