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Group 2

“Well then, since everyone is ready,” Sandman raised a hand.

”Let’s begin.”

Gold dust swirled out of his hands dancing around the darkness and trees. It was a rather beautiful sight to behold, the dust illuminating the darkness with its golden light.

Suddenly, they were all standing in the light. Bright, burning white light. The scene unfolded around them. Their feet were planted on a narrow stone bridge, devoid of rails. On each end of the bridge was a sort of landmass. The first, behind them, a green garden full of exquisite flowers and foliage. On the second, in front of them was a great city, rising out of a glassy blue lake and touching the sapphire sky above. But the landmasses ended rather sharply, dissolving into great waterfalls tumbling down their sides. The drop between was endless, the steam from the waterfalls dissolving into clouds beneath them.

David swayed, the darkness and shadows retreating from his body as Nemesis disappeared.

“Miss Jennings could you repeat the equation?” He muttered.

His vision blurry, he shook his head, the dizziness not leaving. What had happened? Hisbhead hurt so bad…

He tottered another step, then found himself falling.


Group 1

“Please, someone help!” Marnin called as the doctor took Finley away.

“Happy to be of assistance.”

A man in all black approached them, his face obscured by a totally white mask. With a snap of his fingers he had Finley back on the ground again next to the doctor and his child.

“Allow me to introduce myself, as your humble host,” he bowed. “Sandman.”

“Scarlet, What are you eating?” ~ “Ghost peppers...” ~ Robin sighed.

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