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Veraza Winterknight

Heh heh, heh… well he is the one training her….

You’re good, Beth! Hildan is…. Hildan.


group 2

Hildan sighed, ignoring the latest newcomer, and the other girl he didn’t know. “So either we do what you say or you kill us. Predictable. And just how do we stop you if we find you?” Well, now things were taking an interesting twist. However annoying. Quite annoying. Maybe people would finally stop showing up now, though. Hopefully.


group 1

Valkor pinched the bridge of his nose and strode over till he was only a few feet away from this doctor. “Look, no one’s leaving until we find out what’s going on. Understand?”

Saria followed, trying to figure the humans out. She’d never understand what drove them.

"You can dance with my henchman."

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