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This is my new character Phoenix Williams.  He’s on the Doc.


I was falling through the air, and I had no idea why. One second I was on my way to the bank for a loan, of sorts. I mean taking money when you fully intend to pay it back sometime is a loan right?  On my way, everything just went white, which was weird, and now I was falling.  I finally landed and luckily something broke my fall.

“Get off of me!”  came a muffled voice.  Oops.  I rolled off of him and thanked the stars that had my flahlight on me and shone it around.  I seemed to be in the middle of a group.  On one side was a weird shadow guy, and some people on the other side.  My view was blicked by the guy I had landed on.  He looked miffed.  “What is the matter with you?”

“Um, sorry?”  I flashed a smile at him.  “It’s hard to aim when you’re falling from the sky at a million miles an hour.  I’ll try next time, I promise.”

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