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I, David

“I’ve checked all over, but I can’t source him. I’m sorry, John. It’s all on you as of right now.”

John thought for a second, then checked his voice to a whisper. He didn’t know if these other people had AI, much less knew about them at all, so he wouldn’t be surprised if they thought he was just talking to himself a lot.

“I’m gonna attack him,” he said very quietly while the darkness-loving person had its back turned.

“John, I wouldn’t do-”

“You said it was up to me, and me has chosen the meal I’ll be serving.”

John rushed his Yo Kai stance, planting his feet perpendicular to his target and pulling his launching arm to his chest. “And the meal is beef,” he growled before shoving a deadly blast of energy away from him at an incredible velocity.

The burst flew past Mr. Edgy and blew out the center of a tree, blowing out its center and effectively cutting it in half.

“The meal was a bit too rare, it seems,” Gwena said. “And the cook none too smart.”


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