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I. D. Triskele

    “Barb!” Max yelled, turning. That was his mistake. He cried out as a shadowy blade ripped open his back. He gritted his teeth as he hauled Barb to her feet and pushed them both through the door and out onto the street. He turned into an alley and promptly collapsed. He could already feel the skin closing over his wound as scales rippled over his body. He breathed heavily as he held himself up over Barb, waiting for his wound to heal completely. It finally did and he managed to lower himself to a sitting position against the alley wall. Pulling Barbara to him, he clasped her hand concentrating. Damian had taught him this and he had only done it a couple of times. His eyes flashed green as her pain began to flow into his body. It was excruciating, but he held on, staring into her face as a source of motivation as he continued to take her pain and healing the injury. He finally let go and promptly fainted.

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