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Sarah Inkdragon


I really, really want to turn my novel into a graphic novel someday, but currently I’m still working on perfecting my art before I start drawing any comics. I actually plan on getting an BA in Illustration, then going on the get an MA in Animation(specializing in 2D/traditional animation) if I can. I’m pretty sure I’m going for that Illustration degree, but the Animation MA really depends on what happens and how much financial aid I can get…. anyhow, back to graphic novels.

Got any recommendations? I really ought to read the graphic novel versions of the classics, but other than that have you found any good series? Also, I’m guessing you do digital art, so what program do you use? I used to have Photoshop, but after the prescription ran out I didn’t feel like paying for it again and got Krita, which has been awesome so far.

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