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Oh come on.  Arc and I were having a nice, civilize conversation, when all of a sudden he disappeared.  Not cool.  “Arc?”  I yelled.  No answer.  ‘Here Arcie, Arcie, Arcie.”  Still no answer.   Who leaves in the middle of a question?  Rude.

I heard Arc to my left. “You’re out past your bedtime.”  I turned that way, and began to silently walk towards whoever he was talking to.  Well, I tried silently, creeping has never been one of my stong suits.  Something brushed my foot and  I stifled a scream, instead choosing to make it a charm.  I shone my light on the charm and saw it was in the shape of a carrot.  Great.  Another rabbit charm.  I already had 50 of those.  I heard Arc’s voice again and shone my light in their direction.  He was facing aaway from me and I saw he was talking to some girl.  I pushed past him and addressed the girl.

“Hello,” I said, waving with my phone light.  “Excuse my friend here,” I turned to Arc, “We’re friends right?”  He just glared at me.  “Okaaay, well maybe not friends.  Anywho, I’m Amaya and this is Arc, who are you?  And is there any chance you know where we are?”  Maybe she could get us out of this creepy place.  Well, hopefully.

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