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Livi Ryddle

@kari-karast I agree. Books without emotion of any kind would get boring really really really fast unless the author knew what they were doing and was REALLY good. *smirks at @theinconceivable1 when mentioning emotion*

*looks at you curiously* There’s nothing wrong with liking tea. It’s not just for girls and their grandmas to sit around drinking at a tea party or anything XD

Also, see if you can guess my personality type. I think I may have talked about it somewhere on here but see how close you can get.

“If you wanted to destroy all glitter” YES SOMEONE PLEASE DO IT¬† And somebody destroy the assumption that all girls like pink and glitter and makeup and fancy stuff all the time. Ok, yes, I do like dressing up for fancy events and stuff, and I do wear some makeup occasionally, and I do sometimes wear glitter and pink, but it REALLY ANNOYS ME when I’ll go into a store or something and ask if they have any nail polish and the person’s like “yeah, we do. What shade of pink would you like?” Just no. I want GREEN nail polish, thank you very much! *facepalms*

"Reck not."
~Sir Nicholas Beauvallet

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