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“I’m sorry,” Marnin said softly. Keeping his hand on her shoulder to provide a sense of relief from the pain of being alone. “I know you feel terrible right now, but in the little time we have known each other I have figured out your world isn’t what it should be. Your friends and family willingly and knowingly did this for you. You have a lot of guilt and pain over this but it was their decision. Sometimes you have to wait. But don’t let it prevent you from stepping forward. Grow stronger for their sake, so you can aid them.”

Gwyneth reached out and hugged Finley tightly. “I’m so sorry you miss your friends. It’s okay to cry, daddy says.”

“We need to find a way out. I’m not sure if we should trust to the trees considering what just happened,” Marnin said softly.


”Who are you.”

David spun, his half shadow body twisting against the flashlight of his phone. There it was again. The sickening pounding in his head, warning him he was losing control by the second.

“No get away!” He yelled. “It isn’t safe, I’m not safe,” he waved a shadow hand, which twisted back and forth in a wraithlike pattern.

“Scarlet, What are you eating?” ~ “Ghost peppers...” ~ Robin sighed.

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