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I. D. Triskele

    The window slammed against the freezing wind of early winter. The gray-haired man shivered and pulled his coat tighter as he turned back to his desk. He took a seat and sipped the steaming mug of tea beside him. His creased brow furrowed as he bowed over the documents. The grandfather clock opposite of him ticked loudly in the quiet room. Suddenly his posture shifted slightly as he slowly raised his head, his eyes darting around the dark room. “I wondered when you would show,” he rasped. The shadows seemed to ripple as a figure stepped from a dark corner. His dark armor and pitch black cloak seemed to fade into the dark shadows around him as if he was a part of them. His magenta eyes glittered like a pair of purple gems. The elderly man smirked, but he was clearly nervous, “So you are the infamous Arc. I’ve heard a great deal about you.” The tall boy stood silently, causing the tension in the room to build. Finally, the man stood, attempting to smile as he walked around his desk, “So… who hired you?” “Who says anyone hired me?” Arc spoke for the first time. The man was terrified, yet confident. He stuck his hands in his pockets as he eyed the boy, “I could pay you three times the price of the kill.” Arc’s eyes narrowed, his jaw tensing, “don’t play games with me, don’t ever think you’re capable of that.” The man’s smile faded a bit, his eyes gleaming, “so you would murder an old man?” “No, but I will assassinate a corrupt senator.” Arc fingered the shuriken he had slipped into his palm, unnoticed by the older man. The senator’s eyes widened a little as he took a step back, “fine, kill me and that’ll be the end of it. However, I know you, boy. I know how powerful you really are and why. Join me and together we can end this war once and for all!”

    The silence deepened, the ticking of the grandfather clock nearly deafening. Suddenly Arc chuckled, showing his pearly white teeth, “You are very amusing, but what you don’t seem to understand is that you simply adopted the darkness,” his smile vanished, the shadows swirling around him as if they were a very part of him as he hissed, “I was born into it!”

    The man lunged, but his body jolted as the shuriken thudded into his chest. His gaze dropped to stare at his life’s blood flowing down his chest as the dagger he held fell to the floor with a clang. His eyes glazed over as he fell to his knees. Arc walked over, pulling the shuriken from his chest as the senator slumped to the floor lifeless. Arc slipped the disk between his fingers and back into his glove as he walked to the window and opened it. With a deep breath, he leaped out, using the wall to slow his descent as he landed lightly in the ally below. He pulled his dark hood over his snowy white hair as he walked briskly down the alley to where a small coach sat. He tossed the small leather satchel he had grabbed from the desk through the window where he knew his client would be waiting. He walked on down the street when suddenly he heard his name being called. He whirled around and suddenly he was falling…


    Arc landed with a grunt in the soft grass. He immediately rolled onto one knee in a defensive stance, one hand clasped around the hilt of his short katana. He blew a lock of hair out of his eyes as he scanned the landscape. It appeared he was in a plain of some kind. He stood carefully as he noticed a group of people a couple of yards away. He just hoped they knew where he was.

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