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Knowledgeful Butterfly

Li heard so much around her. Three sets of voices just converged and made a mush of her mind. She didn’t want to keep her eyes shut in fear of people seeing them and knowing what she was, so Li pulled off a layer of her belting and wrapped it around her head. There. Li then was able to find the people that were around her.


“I do believe we have a beginning of a solution,” Dr. Marnin said thoughtfully, pushing himself up. He looked about Harley’s age, now that Finley saw him in the full light of her glove. They were about the same height, though Finley had three years on both and was shorter.

Finley nodded, tapping her mecca bands together. then she remembered, “Oh, Harley, here’s your mecca back.”

when she attempted to take them off and slide them onto Harley’s wrists, though, the metal tightened on her wrists so much that they pinched. He laughed, “If possible, the AI in the suit likes you more than me,” he said, his face bubbling with mirth. Finley blinked. What had happened to him down in those cells? He was usually serious in conditions like these, but now he was joking? was he trying to relieve tension?

Finley squinted at his face. Something was…off about it. Differing from Finley’s other thoughts, Harley looked…younger. He looked eighteen like he had when they all first found Michael’s first log. She had been twenty-one and fresh off the rebellion’s collapse; at that time their beliefs had clashed and they were the worst team, but now…

“Harley,” Finley started, “show me your shoulder.”

Harley’s eyebrows lowered, “Finn, what’s wrong? We need to get the Guardians.”

The Guardians. They had never really accepted the name as a group, so they just called each other “the group”.

“Dr. Marnin, Gwyneth, get behind me,” she said, her voice lowering, then Finley turned back to face Harley, “Harley. Show. Me. Your. Shoulder.”

Harley’s eyes darkened and he started to pull down his shirt.  Finley wasn’t ready for what she saw. Torn muscle and sinew and skin right out of her nightmares came from underneath Harley’s tunic. Everything seemed to be shredded and she just couldn’t look away. Harley’s eyes, when he looked back up at Finley, were the swimming black of Eden’s mind-controlled subjects. His face widened in a snarl and Harley’s voice came out as a growl.

“You failed them, you failed us,” he said, planting his hands on Finley’s shoulders firmly and rooting her too the spot, “While you’re wasting your time away peacefully on that scrap of a planet, we’re starving in a pit full of Crician lions. You are nothing to us.”

that was all he said before turning away and melting into the darkness. Finley tried to swallow, but nothing could get past the lump in her  throat. Harley was right. She was safe and fed and clothed while the Guardians were in a prison, waiting for someone–anyone but her–to get them out.

Someone put their hand on Finley’s shoulder, but she barely felt it. Her arms just fell to her sides and she stared at the murky darkness in front of her. Her heart had been shattered into a million pieces inside of her and her internal organs were being pierced by all sides. Tears ran down her face quietly.

“Finley, I don’t know if he’s–” Dr. Marnin said, but she cut him off.

“Harley’s right. I’ve been lounging on my farm, waiting for someone else to save them, and now my time’s up. I never thought i’d actually lose them,” she said, voice thick with emotions, “I’ve had a dream exactly like this so many times, now its reality and I-I-I-” she broke down.

i could've gone outside to take a walk, but i know that i wouldn't've come back

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