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Veraza Winterknight

Hildan’s eyes narrowed. “It’s doubtful, but possible. Seeing as we’re both not from here I’d say anyone we find is most likely also not from here, but it is possible there are natives.”

He glanced around, still unable to see anything. “Unfortunately, I think the only way we can make sure we don’t lose each other is to hold on to each other.” He sighed.

Suddenly, in the silence that followed Hildan’s statement, he thought he heard a very, very faint yell. He frowned. “Did you hear that?”

He paused, listening hard. Sure enough, there it came again. He drew his sword and took off in the direction of the sound, barely avoiding another tree. “This way!”

(They’re hearing David. Is his phonelight still on?)

"You can dance with my henchman."

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