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Alaia Ballantyne

Carmin looked around again. It was so dark, they wouldn’t be able to see anyone if they tried. Had it been this dark where she started? She tried to remember, but everything was hazy. “I think it was brighter this way.” She motioned with her hand, then snorted, realizing her mistake. “Over from where I just came.” she swung her head around, to the direction she thought she had come from. Although still dark, she thought she could see it brighten, if only slightly. “These trees… are they trees? They’re so thick here I think they block out the light. But back where I was there were less. If we could only get through them without losing each other… Maybe we could figure out more about where we are.”

The idea of inhabitants scared her a bit more than she’d like to admit. Could this place have wild natives? Great beasts or wild beings? Perhaps they would be eaten for lunch, or maybe taken as prisoners of war to some evil queen. The music in her head became faster, and her fingers began dancing again. “Do you really think there are… things that live here?”

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