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Knowledgeful Butterfly

Finley stared at Dr. Marnin. He knew why she couldn’t eat. It was just too hard to do that when her friends–no, her family–were trapped in a jail cell maybe starving to death when she was safe and fed. She looked dubiously at the orange in the doctor’s hand.

“I’ll try,” Finley said quietly, taking the fruit and biting into it. The taste was delicious, but her throat constricted and she had to choke it down just to get it into her stomach. Finley nodded at Dr. Marnin, saying she was okay. Then, a small voice came to her ears.

Finley lurched upwards, stumbling towards the familiar sound and taking the light with her. Gwyneth caught up with her quickly, but Dr. Marnin, with his limp and cane, took a little while longer.

She stopped so abruptly that Dr. Marnin ran into her back. Finley brought up a hand to her mouth, a small mewl escaping it. the light from her Mecca suit shone on the tanned face of her brother. He had a few battle scars like her, but he was intact. Harley was alive.

Finley flung herself into his arms, tears streaming down her face quickly. Harley wrapped his arms around her waist tightly and swung her around in a circle laughing freely. As soon as he set Finley down she touched his face, making sure he was real. He looked so much older than when she had last seen him.

A cough came behind her and Harley released his sister quickly. Finley beamed, “Dr. Marnin, Gwyneth, meet my brother, Harley.”

They both smiled at Finley’s brother, but he turned to her quickly, “Finn, I got out, but everyone else…”

Finley blinked, filling in the blanks, “How are we going to get them out?” was her immediate question.

i could've gone outside to take a walk, but i know that i wouldn't've come back

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