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Veraza Winterknight

So. Now that my brain is working again, I’m going to bring in Hildan. And we’ll see what happens after that.

Putting him on the Doc now, too.


Hildan crept around the boulder, sword drawn. No one was there. He relaxed and straightened up. Good. That meant the other Sparks were still safe. For now, anyway. He glanced around before continuing on in a wide circle around camp, just like he’d been doing for the past hour or so. There weren’t going to be any night attacks on¬†his watch.

After several more circuits, he sighed, sheathed his sword, and headed back to wake Jaren for the next watch. Hildan didn’t think he’d be able to sleep very well, he had too much on his mind, too much nervous energy. But it was better to be slightly rested than to be falling asleep on his feet the next day.

He woke Jaren and moved off to his own tent, glad they’d decided on individual tents for everyone after Korzen and Jaren had kept waking up from the noise when it was the other’s turn for watch. He glanced around one last time before lifting the flap and stepping inside his tent. Only, it was pitch black and… suddenly he was falling.

He landed in a white room and had just enough time to notice the people on the floor and partly draw his sword before he was suddenly somewhere else(aka got transported to dreamland). He finished drawing his sword and looked around. The only thing that was certain now, was that he wasn’t in Ash anymore.

"You can dance with my henchman."

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