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He had arrived first. In the room, stark white with an indifferent coldness, where they all gathered under his wing. Such a strange place with a dull yet foreboding aura. He needed to take control of the situation before it got out of order. He didn’t like this place, and something ate at his mind. A warning. A few had joined him already, but they already were dreaming. Suddenly the ceiling seemed to warp and down dropped a woman. She was strong and despite her appearances, a fighter. Reaching up, almost out of instinct, he jumped behind her wrapping a hand around her mouth. His flesh seemed to dissolve, becoming a golden sand like substance. Grains entered her nostrils and at her inhale of surprise, she slumped unconscious.

Laying her on the ground, he stepped back. She would only be the first of many. He would be ready for each of them.

The Sandman was waiting.



“I think blueberry ice cream is the bestest,” Gwyn declared, skipping down the sidewalk, pulling on her father’s hand to speed him up. Didn’t he know they were going to get ice cream? Why wasn’t he excited? “So that’s what I’m going to get.”

“I think that is a marvelous choice,” Marnin nodded, adjusting his glasses as the sun glared into them. He really needed to pick a pair of sunglasses. “What should I get?”

“I think you should get blueberry too,” Gwyn giggled, spotting the ice cream truck. “There it is!” She tugged on his hand again.

“We should hurry,” Marnin smiled, speeding up slightly cane tapping lightly against the sidewalk. “Let’s cross the street quickly.”

“Yay! Ice cream!” Gwyn cheered.

Halfway across the street, the road seemed to warp around them. Marnin started, trying to pull back, but it surrounded them.

Then they fell.


David opened his math book, staring at the numbers whirling across the page. His worst enemy. Crossing his arms and placing them on his desk he glared at the equations. His shadow pulled closer to him, feeling his angst over the Calculus book. Oh well, might as well get it over with. Placing the pencil to the page he began solving the stupid equation when…

The pencil lead broke.

Glaring at that too, he rose from his desk, glancing around as he crossed the room to the pencil sharpener. Bringing the lead to a point again, as slowly as he could, he glanced down. What was wrong with his shadow this time? It was…moving…and not under his will.

Suddenly, he was falling.

The pencil hit the ground, lead breaking off and rolling across the tile.

“Scarlet, What are you eating?” ~ “Ghost peppers...” ~ Robin sighed.

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