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Steward of the Pen

@evelyn *flies in very late on a dragon, which halts so abruptly that I fall off into a mud puddle* Yuck. Oh well. At least I didn’t knock over your vase this time 😛

I haven’t read many poetry books, but those that I did had very vague themes. For example, poems that are all about nature, or just a general book of children’s poems by a certain author.

If I did a book of poetry, I would like to do a collection of songs from one of my worlds (typically my poems are about things in my books anyway). Another thing I might try is to have a collection which, when read in order, made a story, but could be read out of order and still make sense as separate poems. I like the idea of having the collection progress and have a resolution at the end, however, I do enjoy reading random poems that are mostly unrelated. If you put together a collection of your poems about children and their everyday adventures, I know I’d enjoy that 😉