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@the-fledgling-artist: Oh ok. I have heard of the Bible project and I’ve watched quite a few of their videos (their animations are really good!) so give me a sec and I’ll watch these! *elevator music plays in the background…*

*streaches* alright cool! now my thoughts (before I read the rest of what you wrote) uh… well I had watched the sin and justice one before and I think they’re good, however, as I was recently stating, I would argue the sin is in the attitude of our fallen hearts not the act itsself. But ya I think I agree, we are unable to keep the law or even the simple law of “love God and your neighbor” Jesus set for us without him giving us a new heart (and even then we still fail often) as for the justice video (I think this one is the coolest) I cant think of anything I disagree with, except maybe hte means by which we “free the oppressed” as we’ve seen that is quite controversial XD. And for the Law video, um, I dont know… they seemed to imply the law inst really important or a moral standard we should follow (which is contray to what wordsmith convinced me is true that the moral law still aplies to us today). But as far as the whole law being a story… ya I can see that. I think thats more of what the viedo was getting at. So ya, those are my thougths! Now I’m going to read the next part of your post… *DA DA DA DA DA DA DA. DA DA DA DA, DA DADADADADA DA DA DA DA DA DA DA, DA, DADA DA DA DA, DA, DA. (like my written jeopardy music XD)*

1. right but it not about missing the ‘actions’ its about missing the attitude. for example, I can do the right action (lets say give money to the poor) but if i do it for the wrong reasons its still a sin because I “missed the goal” witch is the attitude (aka doing it out of love)

2.  ok well, with your permsion, I will play the “wordsmiths” advocate here, but only if your ok with it XD

3.  ya alright well since I like seeing both sides of an argument and since the last one didnt really have a conclusion I’d be willing to debate this with you! however, you said you dont like debates so I’m not going to say anything unless you give me the green light. But, first, I think we should talk about my ‘sin is an attitude” claim because, if its true, both you and wordsmith could be right which would be a win-win!

anyway thanks for saying something! “Bye!”


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