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@karthmin This is great! Thank you so much! It clears up a lot. Good thinking material.


Also, for those of you who may still be interested… @daeus-lamb @wordsmith @ericawordsmith @devastate-lasting

Q #1: I have a tendency to be more allegorical when it comes to writing, I guess maybe because I feel like otherwise the story may not have a real point to glean from it. So, what is the benefits of symbolic writing? Allegory is of course extremely useful, at least to me, because there are exact parallels from the real world that are more or less easy to interpret for the audience. Is there a way to glorify God through symbolic writing, even though you’re not <i>exactly</i> relating everything to what you believe? Should I perhaps choose symbolic writing or allegorical writing because I’m not sure where I stand on a lot of things? What are some examples of allegorical/symbolic writing?

Q #2: So, I was thinking about “son of the Creator, then dies, then bear” cycle thing that I came up with… how do you think readers would interpret that? It kind of feels like it makes him, the son of the Creator, less powerful (can’t turn back into a man) or as if he were being punished for something. Thoughts?

Q #3: What do you think are the most important things to capture about God’s character when mimicking Him in a story?

Q #4: Going off of @karthmin ’s bit, what are the pros and cons to writing a story with a present deity (e.g., Narnia)? The pros and cons to writing a story <i>without</i> a present deity (e.g., the Hobbit/the Lord of the Rings)? What methods would you use to express God’s truth in either format?

Q #5: Again going from the above post, what are the pros and cons to having a Christ figure in your story vs a Father God figure? What about both?

Q #6: What do you think would be a good way to symbolize Christ’s sacrifice in a story? Is it even necessary, since it can in no way compare to the real thing and it can’t save lives either?

Q #7: Should I, as an author, fully explain how and why I created the things the way they are in my story, or should I let my readers think about it for themselves? (Not really a worldbuilding question per se, but I feel like it relates. :))

Thanks everyone!!

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