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Samantha Farrar


Thanks so much!!! I love pretty much everything but mostly I learn Classical Music and Improvised hymns. I have a full sized violin to learn on but my older sister who knows how to play moved out and I am so nervous about tuning it. It’s awesome when you can learn stuff from younger siblings.

So how long I have worked on my novel is kind of hard to explain. I started planning at the beginning of last school year and wrote it mostly while I  was at my brother’s for a month last July. I have hardly touched it since then but I am just starting to work on revising it. Isn’t studying the Civil War Awesome. I LOVE IT!!!

Okay so besides like some of my favorite things in life…I love having deep conversations, just hanging out with family, choring for animals(It sounds weird but especially since we live in town I feel so privileged)-We have goats and chickens in the suburbs!!!-, being outside, skating in winter-the season is going to start soon. Currently, I’m enjoying Autumn, My favorite of all seasons!!!

*A passionate ENFP author, in training for Christ.*

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