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@samantha-pen Hi!  A little late to the welcoming party, but wanted to drop in and say welcome!  I’m so glad you’re here!
I was reading through the comments and noticed that you play the piano?  I play piano, too!  I love music so much, so to meet another music lover makes me happy.  What sort of music do you like to play?  Also, that’s super ambitious to learn all of the string instruments and I admire you for it!  I don’t think I could, if I had the patience. 😉  I’m just about to start violin with my younger sister as teacher, and I’m looking forward to it.

You also said you love history?  So awesome!  I love history, and Civil War is my “specialty”, if I can put it that way, along with the French Revolution.  Your novel sounds intriguing!  How long have you worked on it?

Apart from all that, what do you like to do best?  What are your hobbies and joys in life?

"Young people, you must pray, for your passions are strong and your wisdom is little."C.H.Spurgeon

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