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Selah CJW

You know you`re a writer when…

You hope you did not break the law somehow because you drove with your left foot, as someone who got shot in their right leg might have to do in a book… and then you get a zillion story ideas just thinking about how they got shot in the right leg instead of the left, and who they are driving for their life from!

You are about to explode because you realize there is no way you could ever learn all the history there is to learn, and thus leave potential story ideas hidden out there, never to be written. 🙁

When you consider how you could make yourself faint, just once, so that you knew how to write about it. (Or wonder if you could throw yourself into the wall hard enough to be knocked unconscious without being permanently damaged, to know how to describe it.)

You look intently at something while someone is watching you, then watch their expressions change as yours does… “ah, yes, knew it all along” expression and theirs turns to a curious admiration.


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