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Katherine Baker


Haha! I’m not that picky about grammar (yet).

I’m actually not in college right now. I’m teaching piano and guitar and seeking certification from a national music organization instead of a college education. I realized that you really don’t make much in the arts, and dishing out tons of money for a degree it right off the bat didn’t seem a wise use of my time.

By the way, I think I forgot to ask how old you are. If you’re in college, what are you studying?

I really don’t know what the differences are between ENFP’s and INFP’s. I never was super into the personality tests before I decided to throw a bunch of my characters through them for fun, with varying levels of satisfying results (it got my protagonist right on. The love interest… not so much. Though in its defense, the personality descriptions probably weren’t anticipating a care-free ex-criminal who lost both his parents when he was 9 :P).

Well, I don’t know about great… It also calls us unfocused, whishy-washy idea-generators that can’t get serious. Not that I really can completely deny those claims, but they’re not the most pleasant.

I wouldn’t be surprised if I was more of a novice myself. I just happen to really love reading and writing and reading about writing, and that’s about as far as I can claim experience.

Here’s my thing about short stories… I have yet to be brave enough to write one. All my plots seem to be enormous, and I haven’t yet made a condensed one.

Well, I take that back. There are two exceptions.

One was super dumb, but when I was younger I had imagined this series of short stories called “Suzie’s Garden”. It was about this girl had a horrible, bug-infested, rotting garden, and neighbors with a picture-perfect one. Each story she schemed to somehow steal her neighbor’s success, with terrible results! They are super far-fetched (the only one I remember involves covering everyone in the world with tomato juice), but I still may try to make a children’s story collection out of those ideas one day.

The other was actually a sequel-story to a finished rough-draft story I wrote. It centered around a couple friends of the original book’s main characters (who were getting married) who, while picking up flowers for the father of the bride, discovered a plot to bomb the church the wedding was hosted at in order to force the congregation to relocate (and thus steal the land for their own company). It was a short, far-fetched plot as well, but tons of fun to write. Unfortunately, I don’t have either in a format I could send to you. I would like to take a stab at more short stories in the future.

Do you have any short stories I could look at?

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