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Cassie Hartfinh

@ashira Ah, yes, Selah told me she told you, lol. You liked my stories?!?! *squeals in jubilation* I just added a new chapter to “The Cry of the Lost” if you’re following as I write, like Selah. Lol, I wrote the hermit crab story based on my experience with a hermit crab at the beach this past summer. I wondered what the story would have looked like from the point of view of the crab, so I wrote it. It was an interesting experience, lol.

Ooh, I LOVE pink and purple when they’re together with blue! All the colors really compliment each other, in my opinion.

Never heard of any of those books, sorry to say. Are they good? (well duh, Cassie!! They’d have to be good if they’re her favorites!)

You can breathe in Idaho?? Now I REALLY want to go there!! I’ve been having a lot of asthma attacks here in the Mojave recently…Idaho sounds like a dream come true. Tell me something. Is it…is it, by any chance,¬†green¬†in Idaho?

Ahyek nahd feltin'or rempak.
I'm not promising anything.