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So first of all, this is a topic that really interests me, I had to deal with it earlier this year when I started rewriting my series. I decided to go with a threefold supreme power that is a representation of the trinity. The name I came up with for it was derived from a word that meant fellowship.

So, I actually agree a lot with what @wordsmith was saying (how could I not? We’re supposed to agree since we have are the two weird wordsmiths running around here). One of the first big things that I think you should think about when coming up with an allegorical/symbolic figure for God is what aspect(s) do you want to portray? His justice? His love? His holiness? Because, if you think about it, God is so infinite that our finite minds can’t even get our brains around it, how would we manage to write an accurate representation? I think the main things to keep in mind is that God is all-powerful, sovereign, just, kind, loving, holy, and the creator. He has no equal. I think the more that you research about him in scripture, the more you find to write about, and the more you realize how awesome he really is. Then you can better know how to write a little snippit of something that could point others to him.

Another thing for me is that whatever I write about in representation of darkness (demons, Satan, etc), I need to make sure that it is clear that the God-figure is infinitely more powerful, and it is through his power that people are saved from any shadow. Like, my main character is “shadowed” by a wolf who was a part of the “shadow”. The poison is removed from her wound, but the “shadow” can still “smell her out” from a distance until it is healed. It is only by the power/prayer of a different character who openly acknowledges that the healing is from the God of that world, that my character is healed of the “shadowing”. Anything that the black forces can do MUST be accurate as well, and true to the fact that God is never the loser, but always the victor. I would say look at the lyrics to A Might Fortress is Our God for some thought on this particular idea.

Anyway, I think in your story, you are using everything from the lost in the forest, to the bear saving very symbolically. I think that as long as you keep the bear very much not a teddy bear (he is not a tame bear), and keep in mind the big points you want to portray about God, you are on a really unique and potentially powerful idea!!! Keep it up!!!

P.S. @wordsmith got tired of his funny ninja pose rather quickly 😉

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