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@evelyn I was inspired originally by Tolkien and Robert Louis Stevenson, and as I read more poetry, William Wordsworth has inspired me greatly in the poetry realm.  Another inspiration to me would be my friends who write poetry.  Whether they’re good at it or are not born poets, I love reading their works and being inspired by how persistent they are in learning, writing, and never giving up.  I am also just inspired by life – who isn’t? 😉

I brainstorm best by…actually, I don’t know how I brainstorm!  I just think up of something and right it down.  It’s like a path: the first line I write comes to my head, and my thoughts wander on from there to somewhere…and when I get there, it’s usually someplace unexpected. 🙂

Does that answer your questions?  Is there anything else?  And what about you?

Yes, I know!  I love Robert Louis Stevenson’s children’s poems! 😀

Okay, here’s an earlier poem, sweet and short!

Chai Tea

My tea is hot, it’s good to drink,
I think you’d like it, too.
It is Chai Tea and it’s the best,
And love it? Yes I do!

"Young people, you must pray, for your passions are strong and your wisdom is little."C.H.Spurgeon

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