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Jane Maree

@kb-writer Hey Katherine, thanks for asking!

Because we want the guilds to be a tight-knit community, we’re asking all members to be as active as possible, at a minimum of once per week. This can honestly take as little as fifteen minutes of your time and it’s not that hard, but it helps a lot to make the overall camaraderie of the guild stronger and more encouraging and supportive and helpful for all involved.

Obviously there are some exceptions to the ‘once per week’ rule. E.g. if you’re going away for a week or two, or you know you’ve got a really busy month ahead. You can just let your guildmaster know and they won’t kick you out. 😛 For the most part, though, the more active you are, the better experience you’ll have from your guild and the more you (and others!) will benefit from being there.

The most important thing to remember when signing up for a guild, is that these groups are to be mutually encouraging. You encourage others, you get encouraged, and we’re all a great bundle of encouraged writers. Win-win! 😉

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