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@theinconceivable1 Thank you for listening and responding! 🙂

As for Jesus letting people walk all over Him, let me explain:


No, there is too much. Let me sum up. I believe he let people walk over Him. The crucifixion, his death and abuse, were all part of His plan. It was intentional. Not necessarily due to passivity, I don’t think. Though, not sure why this would be a direct point for the self-defense side. Either way, I don’t think Jesus refraining from acting out in self defense is an argument against it. As @the-fledgling-artist pointed out, I believe Jesus came for the intention to show mercy and love to us rather than judgment, and therefore wouldn’t exercise his right to punish sin.

Could you define “corporate self-defense?”

Also, completely random, are you from New Zealand??

Secretly Hedgehog Jones. Don’t tell anyone.