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I’m glad that it helps. 😉

  I’m glad that the long rant was helpful… I tend to be a little long winded. 🙂

Oops.. I should have made that more clear. So, for me it was a Gandalfian looking staff she had made out of a stick, very odd looking. For me I had to figure out where it belonged in the story, as in how exactly it would fit in with everything else. I had some ideas, she had some ideas, but I had to figure out exactly what it needed to make it fit seamlessly. It took some thinking, but eventually it just caused a chain reaction of ideas. So, sometimes what I do from time to time, when I have a weird dream that I wake up and think, “that is a cool story idea”, like one of my favorite romances for my third book came from a random dream I had one night last year, I take it and think about it long and hard and how it fits into my story. So for you, you could find a picture online, see something out and about, anything. Period. And then work it into the story if you feel it’s tugging at that writer thing in the back of your brain that is always looking for cool ideas. Names, objects, plants, anything. I hope that made sense… 🙂

And yes, my Tolkien friend, Essa, is just plain awesome. We were at music camp in Florida together for two weeks, and we writer ranted all the time. What was utterly hilarious was when we went to the indoor water park and started pretending to be the characters from our books running around “sword fighting” dancing, having heated conversations, it was ridiculous. One of my other friends told me I looked “so cute, like you were in your own little world” and Essa was like, that’s more true than you know. XD

Tek an ohta! Tek an cala!

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