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Parker Hankins

@scarletimmortalized, First off! A lot of writers are a bunch of murderers. *evil chuckles* I might be the worst one. XD!!

SO, I haven’t read too many character deaths but I would say the best one was Jigson’s death in Prisoner of the Pyrenees by C. R. Hedgcock. It was the saddest, most emotional, death ever!! *sniffs and cries everytime I read it and think about it*

Cliches. Hmm. Maybe dropping off a letter at the gravestone. The super sunny, heart-melting characters. When the characters are in the middle of a war or something else and forget about the dead character to finish the fight. I HATE that.

Cliches I do like. Um, dropping off a letter at the gravestone. This must seem confusing. But, it has to be done right. It has to be heart-wrenching.

A character death that makes me sad is obviously liking the character. Realistic grieving. Very good emotions. Flashbacks with that character.

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