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@theinconceivable1 Haha, absolutely!! ;D

LOL My brother told me a few weeks ago he doesn’t want me to finish my book, because then he’ll feel obligated to read it. xDD

Oh goodness! Your brother has no taste XDD Yeah, maybe it was a bit depressing but maybe I like that kind of story? xD I thought it was great 😀

I’ve loved writing stories pretty much since I could read, but I’ve only been writing seriously for a little less than a year. (And my work has only been anything decent since, like, May. xD) You?

Lol! Well, I really don’t have any short stories worth mentioning, but here’s a doc with a few clips from my book. https://docs.google.com/document/d/1Tg9koboYorQTXD9d4_JmLpfcTEplZvregN1JIyM7I6M/edit?usp=sharing

Of course I don’t mind! LOL that’s not something to be ashamed of!! 😉 😛

*cartwheels out*