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*Naively takes a seat before his computer and turns it on. Takes a sip from his mug as story embers loads. Mug slips from hand and shatters on the floor as a tital wave of words escape the screen.* this could take a while…

Alright guys (and girls XD) because I’m on term break here in NZ I think I actually have the time to respond to everyone but seriously this is going to be a substantial amount of writing so no promises for the future : D!

: 1. I would be totally cool with sacrificing myself (well I mean hypothetically, I would obviously find it hard to do in real life…) to protect some else, biblically. My only issue with this self-defense issue is if you attack the other person to defend yourself.

: 1. You love the princess bride! yay! you should check out my introduce yourself thread! Its Full!!! of princess bride quotes! heres the link:

"hello, my name is Inigo Montoya, you kill my father, prepare to die!"

2. “You’re both handling it very well, and I think that in a lot of ways, you’re both right.” I’m sorry but I just think its funny when someone says two contradicting views are both right (even though I’ve learned they often are XD) “A lot of it could depend on context, conscience, motivation and your heart’s intentions.” Ya I agree, however, at least for me, its often difficult to be certain what the holy spirit is saying so I like to have a general rule to follow and possibly make exceptions too; based on spiritual revelation (should it arive).

: hey Ryker! Nice to meet you! How old are you and how long have you been writing?

: Don’t worry your totally welcome! (despite your girly-ness XD). So apparently there’s a whole denomination for this! who knew! I totally thought I was just making this up! XD “Now, that said, I have often thought about this subject myself and have questioned the Anabaptist stand on self-defense…(just because I was raised a certain way doesn’t mean I embrace everything my parents and pastor have taught me.)” *claps* bravo, well done. I know how it can be hard to believe different things then your family especially when you live with them! in responce to point 1. Ok, ya i think I’m with you… I haven’t really thought about these things before so not totally saying yes. 2. I also think I agree with you here. 3. yep! alright well that was easy! Good to know we agree! Also, there was no ‘rambling’ going on there in my opinion so no need to apologize!

2. (this means I’m responding to your second post): don’t worry about coming across strong because you totally didnt! we’re guys remember! we have particularly thick skins when it comes to feelings XD (aka its unlikely I’ll take you arguing you position in a forceful manner personally : D) Yep, totally with you!

: Really?!? Man! that just made my day way better! thanks a lot! My brother just consented to read some of my storys today (seriously, he has refused to even read one them until just today! Brotherly love right XD) and i showed him your time is running out and he said it ruined his day so your kinda balancing the scales! I asked him why and he said it was really depressing. Which, granted, may or my not be true XD. Anyway thanks for the encouragement! How long have you been writing and would you cair to show me some of your work? (As long as your willing to get an honest critique : D. I’m really bad at lying to make people feel good…)

: ok cool! just so you know, my responses have not been, how do you say… planned XD. I kinda just read what you say and write back what comes to my mind (unless what comes to my mind is stupid. Then I think about it some more : D) So dont dig too much into the peticular way I phrase things…

: So you’re an “anti-violent self defense person” too! that does explain a few things XD we’ll nice to see you over here!


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