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@parker Thank you so much!  You are so encouraging!  I’m so glad you liked it!
I know, I use a lot of adverbs.  Which ones were you thinking?

Wow, thank you!  I try so hard to make readers feel attached to my characters, but I never actually thought I could succeed at that – it’s so hard!  I’m so happy you liked Sergio, too.  I got attached to him, thought up a background story for why he is the way he is, and because I understand him so well, I’m really sad for him, too.
Ah, yes, I do have a problem with big words.  I type them down and don’t even think about it sometimes.  I think you’re right.  And I will definitely change that.  Would “prison” or “cell” be a better word?  Or is there another word that would be better?
I love the parts you liked as well – the frostbitten finger part was probably one of my favorites to write. 🙂
As for the quote, yes, I love the speech!  So powerful and motivating!

Thank you both so much for your comments!  They made me smile so much.  I love any critique because, even though I passed on the assignment, I know I can do better and want this to be tippety-top polished.  Thanks guys! 🙂

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