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You know you’re a writer when, in reading a book, you read that someone makes a particular expression and you make it yourself; you tilt your head at the book, or your eyes widen, or your brows furrow, or you stare sarcastically at the pages, so that you can kind of get a feel for what the characters are experiencing, and how it may be portrayed in real life. xD

You know you’re a writer when, having gotten so used to how stories work and what is expected in novels, you feel a slight, slight pain in your abdomen and think, “Oh no. Appendicitis. Cancer in my lungs. Curse you, fallen world!! This just happened to that character in that book, too…” Basically, you’re so into writing, you get disconnected from the realities of reality. Not everyone who feels a slight, slight pain in their abdomen is going to die, people. That typically just happens in the stories.

When you’re watching a new movie and when a character dies, you look at  another character and think to yourself, “So unrealistic… he shouldn’t be handling it this well.” or “Bruh, quit it with the phony tears! You’re making me cringe here!” And then you realize that such may be the actual way some people handle tragedy in real life, and nod slowly to yourself, but still wonder if there was a way to better convey the character’s pain. But then think, not everything is explained in real life, though. But then think, but stories aren’t real life. And then have a crisis on how to go about writing things that wouldn’t have been as hard a few seconds earlier. And then you proceed to glare daggers at the film you’re watching, causing family members to worry a bit. She’s taking this a little too seriously…

You know you’re a writer when you and your friends speak in Old English together, just because you read so many books where the characters talk like that and it feels more natural to you. Also, it’s hilarious.


….when you have all your future children’s names picked out, but then use them up on characters instead.

This, I think, was the most relatable thing I have seen on this entire thread. XDD

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