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Wordsmith, you forgot fungi. She didn’t only come up with animals and plants, but fungi. And that fungi is personally my favorite.

More weird organisms from me:

Gloobals: (Making up Kingdom Gloobalia) Yep, its a sixth kingdom. They are made up of eukaryotic cells, some are single celled, but most are multi-celled. They are usually roundish, can be any colour, depending on the species, and float. Yep, that’s right, they hang suspended in mid air. At all sorts of different altitudes. Some are aquatic. They all make food by chemosynthesis (think photosynthesis without needing the sun (its a real term and a real process)), but many also photosynthesise, are consumers, or are decomposers, or any combinations of those. Some are edible, some are poisonous. Some are the size of your fists, and other the size of planets (those only exist in outer space).  Some are healthy (to eat or to rub on your skin) some are unhealthy.

And now you are probably tired of hearing about gloobals. I know I am.

Dragonweed (otherwise called the Colfranger): This one’s a plant. A fiery plant. A populous plant. Dragons wouldn’t survive without these (ok, they could, but they’d miss out on a lot of fun). The oil (called Colfranger Oil) is the fuel necessary for the fire glands in dragons. The oil is also great to start a bonfire (or bomb) and is an excellent spice to human food, if you like spicy (and I mean really spicy!). The leaves itself are very filling, and if going on a journey, they are useful since they take up little space and are very filling, but of course then you have to take a lot of water along to try to rid the burning from your mouth, and then it weighs more than if you had packed a couple sandwiches, so…  It is said to have healing powers if you eat enough of it, but no one has ever been able to get far enough to find out if that is true. It can come in variations other than just making fire. For instance, one species of colfranger, frostweed gives the eater (only if its a dragon equipped with frost glands) chill breath, which, depending on the strength of the frost glands could freeze something to death. Or gasweed gives any vapor glanded dragon the ability to breathe poisonous vapor. You get the picture.</span>

Sorry for going on so long. I’m done now.

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