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Parker Hankins

@theinconceivable1, Wow! I didn’t realize my score was that far!! Maybe, I need to retake that test. It just doesn’t seem right. But it is! I will tell you that there are others way better than me out there!

I have a website that’s about to be published. Just a few days!! I could still share some of my work, though.

I think medieval stuff is usually fantasy. Have you ever read anything by Chuck Black?

Unfortunately, I don’t have any adventure short stories. Only novels. I’ve written two novels and I’m working on my third, and they mystery adventure novels. They’re part of a series. (Don’t think that most writers have written complete novels. Most are usually working on one or just write short stories for the time being.) I could share a fantasy short story if you still want to read a short story.

How much have you written? Any short stories? Novels? I’d love to read some, and offer advice and feedback on your writing. I’ve found that feedback and critique are very helpful in making you a better writer.

Living in a world of mystery and dangerous predicaments while working with the AWESOME Meraki's.

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