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Jane Maree


Here’s my personal definition for you. 😉

Telling = summarizing. Giving the reader only the bare minimum without going into any detail.

Showing = expanding into more detail. Giving the reader information about what the character is seeing, tasting, touching, hearing, feeling emotionally, and thinking.



Das fed the pigs as quickly as he could, accidentally spilling some of the slop onto his feet. It was disgusting.



Das sloshed the contents of the bucket over the fence, groaning through his gritted teeth. His hands shook and some of the slop splashed from the trough and onto his ragged trousers, sliding down onto his bare feet. The slime oozed between his toes as he stepped back, dropping the bucket.


While 2nd person is designed to make the reader a part of the story, I find that 1st person actually does that better because the phrasing isn’t as awkward and odd.

Has that cleared it up for you? (don’t hesitate to say no if it hasn’t. I’m happy to explain anything. 😛 )

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