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Actually, limited third person POV is always just that…limited. Everything in limited third person is told through the eyes of only one particular character. Showing anything else would involve changing the POV to omniscient third person, with an outside narrator who knows and sees everything.

A couple of other things to note:

You can change POV from one character to another if it is vitally important to the story to see something from multiple perspectives without having an omniscient narrator, but I would stick with limited third person POV for each character in that case.

“Person” refers to the pronouns used. Oversimplified, this means: First person=I/we, second person=you, and third person=he/she/they. There are other pronouns as well, of course, but the aforementioned are the core pronouns for each person.

“Point of View (POV)” refers to the perspective from which the story is being told…namely, who’s narrating. POV can be limited (only seen through the eyes of one character) or omniscient (seen through the eyes of a narrator who knows everything, including what every single character knows/sees/feels/does).

Person and POV are related, but they are not the same thing.

Hope this helps!

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