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@jenwriter17 *waves paw*
And yet you have your profile picture of you now. You must be braver, less introverted, less camera fearing, and less picky than me. I would stare at it every time and form very weird opinions about myself. XP (But your picture looks nice.)

I have arrived. *sits regally using wings as a royal robe*
I. Want. To. Read. Your. Comic…
I waited a long time to review my betas’ comments… Too long… But now I fixed them. 🙂
Horsie! Aaaaww! That’s cool. I don’t have a horse yet, but my family got two goats. A doeling and wether. We got them this week. 😀
Baby kittens! Awesome!

Only a few still come on regularly. Rochellaine, Seekjustice, @valtmy , jenwriter17, @theresa-play (Alia), and me. So the night shift remains. ;P (A few others pop in sometimes, not much.)

You are welcome.

Self-doubt… *gulp* That dreaded beast… I never know what to say about self-doubt, because I doubt my advice giving skills, experience (I know I have them, but I don’t feel in the position to give advice), and the words fall through my fingers like water. So you could say I have self-doubt too.



*shrug* ;P (I know… but it’s a bit gross. I strongly dislike even the smell of fish. I hold my breath when I walk by the seafood section of the grocery store. Glad you like it. XD)

(I love that fact that I can put myself in my own book sooooo much! James Riley has inspired me [Story Thieves] 😉 [Thank you! I think it did.])

When your wings are weak and you feel like you can't fly any farther you're halfway there!

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