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    @catwing You’re stories sound really cool! I don’t exactly remember when or why I started drawing. I learned how to draw thanks to some YouTube channels and some books from the library. For the most part though, I’m self-taught. For awhile, I had this phase where I would draw everyone as cats (my favorite series at the time was Warriors, by Erin Hunter). But now I draw people both for fun, and for mine or other people’s books. Character designing is one of my favorite parts about drawing. What’s yours? Good luck with finishing your story! ;D

    Thanks for the warm welcome! I like writing fan fictions, too. My first ones were based off of the series Warriors, by Erin Hunter. Now, though, I like writing superhero fanfictions. What kind of fan fictions do you enjoy writing? That’s all right! We need sane people in the world to keep us crazy people on track. ;P Even though you may not be crazy, you still do fit in, cuz we are all united through the blood of Christ here. =3

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