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    @mariposa Hello! It’s nice to meet you, Mariposa and Aberdeen. Thank you for the warm welcome. =) My favorite things to draw are superheroes, mostly my own. For awhile, though, I was really into drawing animals, specifically cats. What do you enjoy drawing?

    It’s nice to meet you too, Wordsmith! Writing has been a fun journey for me as well. I participated in the Camp Nano April competition, but couldn’t finish due to various reasons. But I hope to finish the next time I compete. I also enjoy reading and writing in the fantasy genre, and enjoy writing about superheroes. None of my current WIPs have superheroes in them, but I hope to make my own superhero series soon. When you write sci-fi stories, do you like writing dystopia or something else? God bless you in your writing, too!

    Thanks! It’s good to be here, and it’s nice to meet you. I do in fact like acting and singing! I didn’t really start actively watching musicals, though, until last year, so I don’t know about many of them. Of the ones I have seen, my favorites are The Phantom of the Opera, and The Greatest Showman, which was absolutely amazing. As for my favorite play, does it count if my favorite play isn’t one that I’ve seen, but one I’ve read? Cuz if that’s allowed, then my favorite play so far is Romeo and Juliet. The shows I’ve acted in are all ones that my churches have put on. For the most part, those have been Christmas shows. Sure! I’m all right with learning of little-known musicals. The more the merrier!

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