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Buddy J.

You mentioning writing as a way to cope with loneliness brings up an interesting topic… Something I struggle with as a writer has to do with me being an extroverted writer. I have since learned that my writing is best and most creative when I don’t share it before it is done. But at the same time, I really want to share it as a way to get to know people, and spend time with them.

Very early this year, I was not a part of the online writing community. I really didn’t have any friends, that reached out to me, or were in a position to reach out to me. For the most part I only got to go see people when we had karate class, or on park day every other week. At park day none of my friends were really outgoing, and I felt like I was working to hard to have fun around them. And at karate, I had (and still do) more responsibility than can allow for the social side of things (being an Assistant Instructor).

So I turned to writing a blog. And funny enough, whether this was related to the blog or not, within a month or so I started running into huge groups of friends, where one leads to the next which leads to the next, and so forth.

Now this brings up another difficulty in that pretty soon, most all of my friends were online, and are even more so now, at which point it’s important to balance computer with outside life.

Sorry if that ramble annoyed you… but me seeing you say that brought this to mind. 🙂

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