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Buddy J.

That’s amazing! For me to tell you how long I’ve been playing would be hard with an exact number… but I’ll try.

I got the ocarina when I was nine-ish (I think…), and never got any good at it for several years, because I wasn’t consistent enough with it, and I didn’t have a teacher. But over the past five years, somehow I got proficient enough to start playing by ear (weakly). Just this spring I picked it back up after a while of not playing, and realized that I could actually play by ear. I’m not amazing with it, but can play by ear, and am improving. I don’t read music yet… but it’s on my list.

The song I am best at, and I play around with tonguing techniques and speed on is a song I learned by singing in The Book of Psalms for Singing… though I don’t remember it’s number/letter.

Christmas carols are catchy, and I can remember them more easily, so you may hear me playing those in the middle of the summer. I also really like playing A Mighty Fortress Is Our God.

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