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K.M. Small

@the-inkspiller I can start off by saying that I resonate with this a lot, considering that a lot of the time I feel too cynical and sarcastic for most people to understand 😛 It feels out of place in most of the online community, especially because I’m unsure if I’m offending people or not by showing that side of my personality, so I tend to lean toward the more extroverted, upbeat side of myself (which may be bad, but I’m working on that) and save the other thoughts for people I know I can really trust. And I might be wrong, but I think that a lot of people are cynical, but worry about sounding negative and depressing online, thus you never see much of it.

So besides echoing everyone else, I don’t think there’s so much particularly wrong with cynicism, so long as you don’t see that as the only side of the story. There’s a lighter side of life, but there’s also a darker side, and neither should be ignored, though these days, people tend to ignore or hide the darker side, in my opinion.

I hope those thoughts were of some help 🙂

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