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E.B. Raulands

Thank-you for the clarification! (Sorry I misunderstood the first time.  =(  )
I think that’s great advice, especially for when a writer hasn’t quite figured out everything he wants to happen in the plot (which is usually where I’m at when I begin a story). If the author lets the story take him where it leads him, he’ll probably come up with a more natural (and creative) story in the long run! (Would rushing to a plot point by skimming over other events count as forcing a plot expectation?)
I think I lean towards making plots around characters too; however, this method can be problematic for me because I can get so focused on the characters’ thoughts and emotions that I forget about the rest of the plot.
It would be great to collaborate on stories and plots!  =)

To the glory of God and for the advancement of His kingdom.

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