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@emgc Yes, and no. See, most of the ‘writing’ I do is working on things that would be meant for a visual medium. It’s probably because I am dyslexic (or at least assumed to be) but I just do not enjoy writing- like as in prose. It’s so much work and it just stresses me out. So I don’t technically’write’ the way most people on SE do- most of the actual writing I do is like- the outlines and stuff. but yes I do draw my characters. 😀
Yes, yes! Like a graphic novel. I feel odd calling it a comic- or a graphic novel though simply because I’ve never really read either and don’t completely understand what the difference is.
What I have so far for the story is that there are two people who are betrothed to one another (Kind of cheesy I know.) and the girl gets caught up in the mess that the boy is in with some guys who kidnapped his friend and are using him to force the mc to steal a sword from a fantasy race (still very underdeveloped) who does not take kindly to being robbed. Oh did I mention this is fantasy?

Do you have any WIPs? (work in progress)

Oh yeah! I love the soundtrack for httyd 2 ! (My favorite animated movie)

"Though I'm not yet who I will be, I'm no longer who I was."

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