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Buddy J.


Cool! So… it is a good point you make that worrying about perfection does hurt our creativity… but I was referring more to plot expectations. So when we have a certain expectation for where the plot will go, and we try really hard to make it go there, that can hurt the creative process, but if we just kinda let the plot point sit at the back of our mind, and just write, I think that plot point will come round one way or another.

Also, it’s okay to write good prose when on a first draft, but we don’t want to let that bog us down. So it’s okay  to correct as we go, and we don’t want to be writing trash, but that’s why we practice. So that the good prose comes naturally.

As for coming up with story ideas… That is not my strongest point. Here is what I will say… I start with a character… and work the plot around them. Sometimes I have trouble working character relationships in, and focus to much on writing flow and action, which makes my character not so interesting. So I’m still working on learning how to form plots and stories… But maybe we can work on that together 🙂


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